Interior Design Renderings & Moodboards

Mockups and moodboards for Airbnb Plus hosts designed in Adobe Photoshop. The majority of these are the hosts’ rooms and furniture recreated, with styling I’ve added to help them uplevel their spaces or give them better direction. I always try to work with pieces hosts already have so they can save money, keep pieces that are close to them, and work them stylishly into their rooms.

Eclectic Airbnb Plus Library

A small, eclectic library designed in collaboration with Bailee Davis and Alice Weise. We were tasked with designing a small library for the “Plus” team inside Airbnb HQ in San Francisco, to which employees could add their own books over time. We were given a budget of less than $1000, and most pieces are thrifted or found in the office’s reserves of furniture and decor that were not being used.

Dana Point Home Interior Design Proposal

I assisted my coworker Alice Weise on a design proposal project to uplevel a home in Dana Point for Airbnb Plus. I sourced pieces for two bedrooms and a large staircase landing, taking inspiration from the home’s current beachy, East Asian inspired style and adding a more modern twist to help counteract some of its dated features.


These are my designs for various clients at the former e-design startup NousDecor.

Chicago Bedroom–A modern bedroom for a new graduate moving into a large apartment in Chicago. This client was looking for a chic, modern space. Most pieces sourced from Caracole. This rendering was created in collaboration with another designer.

San Francisco Living Room–A modern living room designed for a client in San Francisco. The pieces are sourced from American Leather, Caracole, and Phillips Collection. I designed this space under the direction of NousDecor’s chief designer. This rendering was created in collaboration with another designer.

Elegant Dining Room–A dining room I designed under the direction of NousDecor’s chief designer. This rendering was created in collaboration with another designer using Google Sketchup and Adobe Photoshop.

Move Loot

Examples of small staging projects in the Move Loot, Inc. studio. Move Loot was an online marketplace for used furniture and home decor. These sets were created in Move Loot’s warehouse and feature used pieces sourced from their inventory at the time.

Projects & Practice

Photoshop–I often use Adobe Photoshop for my renderings and mockups. This was a sample project I designed from a “Scandinavian Boho” prompt.

Revit–I recently took an introductory Revit course where I was tasked with designing a space. I chose a community center of sorts in bright colors and funky patterns–a reflection of my creative style in general.

Graphic Design

All Across Africa / KAZI

Fall Catalog–I designed the Fall wholesale catalog for All Across Africa/Kazi, showcasing the baskets and wares that their Rwandan artisans create. These are several examples of spreads within this catalog.

Bolga Basket Care Tags–Care tags designed to help customers care for their Bolga baskets upon receiving them.

Trade Show Pamphlets–Pamphlets, bookmarks, and cards created for use at various home decor trade shows.


Social media post designs for Instagram and Facebook.

Airbnb, Inc.

Flyer and stamp designs for the Airbnb Plus library in the company’s HQ.

Product Photography

I photographed AAA’s Fall assortment, including coiled baskets and textiles.


Various designs created in Adobe Illustrator.


Surface Pattern Design

Textile Art

Product Design

Compact Cube Model

Living amenities such as a sleeping area, dining area, and media console are all enclosed in this compact cube that can be plugged in to an existing apartment. It was constructed almost entirely from mat board.

Triax Cabinet Model

A cabinet model based on a sculptor’s piece in a similar shape.

About Me

Hello! I’m Brittany and I’m a multi-passionate designer and maker with a sincere love of interior design and textiles. I’m a UC Davis design grad who studied interiors, visual communication, and textile design.

I have worked consistently as a contractor in the realm of home decor e-commerce, and have interior design, staging, graphic design, and editorial and social media experience! I worked as an e-Interior Designer and consultant for Airbnb Plus in my most recent role, curating Marketplace listings for the program and helping hosts better design their homes. In my free time I like to create digital illustrations, crochet amigurumi, thrift, and learn new crafts. I am currently looking for new opportunities!


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